Is there an age limit for Amaze Live?

If you're a Christian woman who loves Jesus and wants to grow in grace and the knowledge of Him, we want to see you at Amaze Live! No woman is too young or too old. Since it is our desire to create a safe space for women to connect with God and each other, we do ask that any children (12 and under) be left at home with a caregiver.

How do you choose who receives the Pay Grace Forward tickets?

We prayerfully consider sponsorship requests as a team and believe God directs us to the specific women He would have us grace with a sponsored ticket.

If you feel God is calling you to pay a little grace forward and help a woman in need, visit this page for details.

Is lunch included in the registration?

Lunch will be on your own for the conference. However, we will host a number of local food trucks on the property where you can purchase lunch.

What denomination is Amaze Live associated with?

We understand that denominational ties are important to some; however, we focus on our common beliefs in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. You can visit the Grace Thread website (i.e. the Amaze Live host) to read a Statement of Faith.

Do you provide refunds for tickets I've already purchased?

It is the policy of Amaze Live that we do not provide refunds or exchanges for any of our events.