Pay Grace Forward

Sometimes personal circumstances get in the way of people having experiences that might help them grow in grace. Whether it's a single mom, a student, a family in financial hardship . . . Jesus cares about every situation, large or small.

To remove barriers between women and their potential for a grace-full life, we make available a limited number of sponsored tickets to Amaze Live events. We know offering this opportunity to someone who could not otherwise attend is an act of grace. And we are humbled and grateful that God chooses to use people like you and me to be His hands and feet -- a little bit of grace in action.

These special "Pay Grace Forward Tickets" are sponsored by event participants, generous donors, or friends of the Grace Thread movement. We just love the concept of paying grace forward because once you've been changed by grace from the inside out, you can't stop giving grace away . . .


It's Easy to Be Part of a Good Thing


We believe as a community of Jesus followers we can make it possible for women to receive the tools and experiences they need to be able to live from the power of grace. And when they do, everyone benefits since one more person begins to live from her true identity and change the world around her.

By sponsoring a ticket to an Amaze Live event, you are directly supporting someone who wouldn’t be able to come due to financial reasons. And you are giving one more woman the chance to "grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).

Give Someone a Hand Up

To donate to this program, simply purchase 1 or more Pay Grace Forward Tickets. When you purchase a sponsored ticket, that ticket will be matched with a woman in need who has applied to attend Amaze Live with sponsorship.

Believing God knows exactly how and where He plans to spread His grace, the Amaze Live Leadership Team fervently prays over each sponsorship match.

And the grace stories continue . . .


Ask for Help

Are you someone who is looking for an opportunity to grow and is ready to make the most of it but money keeps getting in the way?

  • As the recipient of a Pay Grace Forward ticket, someone has invested in your growth. The idea is that when you're able, you too will invest in someone else so they can attend a grace event – whether it’s a week, a month or year from now.
  • Pay Grace Forward is about giving people a hand up not a hand out, so we ask participants to make their own contribution towards their place before attending the event, no matter how small, so they feel empowered by, and committed to, the opportunity.
  • Participants are expected to attend the entire program to glean the most from the experience.
  • The number of Pay Grace Forward places at each event is based on available funding and volume of applicants. Submitting an application does not guarantee a place, though we try our best to honor as many requests as possible.